Financial calendar

19.10.2020 13:55

Financial calendar for EAM Solar ASA FINANCIAL YEAR 2020 20.04.2021 - Annual Report 17.11.2020 - Quarterly Report - Q3 02.03.2021 - Quarterly Report - Q4 FINANCIAL YEAR 2021 17.08.2021 - Half-yearly Report 18.05.2021 - Annual General Meeting 19.05.2021 - Quarterly Report - Q1 16.11.2021 - Quarterly Report - Q3 For further information, please contact: Viktor E Jakobsen, CEO, phone +47 9161 1009, About EAM Solar ASA: EAM Solar ASA is a utility company that acquires and operates solar power plants. The Company currently owns solar PV power plants in Italy. The plants are operating under long-term sales contracts. In addition, the Company's business is lawsuits in relation solar power plants. This information is published pursuant to the requirements set out in the Continuing obligations.